• Cobalt teal blue

    The teal and blue green shades of PG50 are among my favorite paints. The pastel quality is not added but integral to the pigment, which make interesting whitened mixtures with violets, blues, and greens. The teal blue alone provides bright, light greens with cadmium lemon (PY3) or copper azomethine (PY129), can be used to whiten and dull cadmium yellow deep (PY35) into an unusual "naples yellow," mixes with phthalo green BS (PG7) to make a lovely emerald green, mixes well with cobalt blue (PB28) to mimic the cloudy green tone of cerulean blues, provides an incomparable greenish blue glow in sky washes and landscape foundation tints, and makes a gorgeous soft violet gray when mixed with a dark bluish red quinacridone (PR122 or PV19). (Did I mention this is one of my favorite paints?) The PG50 green pigments are relatively flat, often granulating, and yet have a subtle, unique color quality. Using them has helped me to see new avenues of design and color composition. I urge you to give them a look: as relatively novel paints, they have interesting potential, worth investigating.


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