• Susan Avis Murphy

    Painting N. C. Wyeth: a Watercolor Demonstration by Susan Avis Murphy

    Maryland watercolor artist Susan Avis Murphy paints a portrait of N.C. Wyeth in front of a live audience at the Sandy Spring Museum, in Sandy Spring, MD. Susan discusses her approach using a toned background and liftable paints. First she creates an interesting background wash using raw umber, which is sprayed with water to form a rivulet texture. Next shadow areas are painted in using non-staining colors. Then light areas are lifted off using stencil brushes. Finally small areas are toned and adjusted using transparent paints. Pigments used in this painting were raw umber, verditer blue, cobalt blue, neutral tint, and brown madder. Susan Murphy is a full-time artist and signature member of the American Watercolor Society.

    Here, painting The Winged Victory with the Rivulet Technique


    Painting a Summer Landscape

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