• The Shining Tribe Tarot

    The Shining Tribe tarot (previously the Shining Woman tarot) is a piece of art, by Rachel Pollack, using symbols from all cultures and from very ancient times, including cave paintings.

    These ancient symbols help us find the way to our deepest self. These images created by our forefathers remind us of our eternal presence on this earth and beyond.

    Wands (Bâtons) are Trees, Cups (Coupes) are Rivers, Swords (Epées) are Birds and Pentacles/Coins (Deniers) are Stones.

    The Court cards are the Vision cards, with the Page (le Valet) as the Place, the Knight  (le Chevalier) as the Knower , the Queen (la Reine) as the Gift and the King (le Roi) as the Speaker. 

     I discover this deck at the same time as I discover this book, The return of the bird tribes, by Ken Carey, published in 1991.

    "Although communication with discarnate beings is not widely practiced in the industrial nations, such communication has played a central role in virtually all recorded human development" ... "Human history, recent and ancient, provides countless instances of poets, saints, mystics, even statesmen and scientists who have experienced significant encounters with metaphysical beings of one sort or another."

    "Certain of the angelic tribes... rarely interact with the earth or her inhabitants. Others have been intimately involved with this planet from her inception, being, in fact, the agents and overseers of her organic development. Within this category of angels long associated with biological life is a highly specialised circle of beings who are responsible for the education of human kind."

    Indian Dawn 


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